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How my proven methods can help you wave goodbye to your acne for good.

How my proven methods can help you wave goodbye to your acne for good.

The Face Tonic is more than a skin clinic. It’s a community for people whose lives and self-esteem have been affected by their skin. 

Acne is the reason I’m fixing skin for a living.

After curing a client’s acne, The Face Tonic as we know it now was born. It was a genuine lightbulb moment that changed the game for my clinic and what I could see it growing into for clients with severe skin issues.

My skin clinic grew from being a tranquil setting that delivered quality facials, to a dynamic clinical setting that transformed peoples' skin and lives.

My clients skin journeys and their success drive me to keep designing quality solutions to stubborn skin complaints.

My proven methods have been tried and tested on some of the most severe acne cases.

I help people unlock their skin health after years of suffering.

I have people that come to me when they’ve almost given up hope that they’ll ever cure their acne.

We don’t just eradicate the acne, we erase the scarring and give the skin a new lease of life. Most importantly, we unlock our clients’ self-confidence and empower them to prioritise their skin health and wellbeing. 

Acne recovery is not a linear process, which is why you have to take an entirely personalised approach with every client.

I have a case study I want to share with you that showcases what can be achieved with the right approach. 



Understanding our clients' skin history is vital. We usually see a common trend with acne, which is extremely simple to treat once identified.

The trend? Our client was sinking in a sea of skin misinformation.

Anyone that’s suffered with acne understands that desperate attempt to get your hands on anything and everything to help fix it. Unfortunately, taking on too much of the wrong advice can lead you down a path of over-buying ineffective skincare that often makes your acne worse.

Our skin gets easily irritated and damaged by multiple products used over a short time frame. Acne sufferers understandably get frustrated with a lack of results from their skincare and often overcomplicate their daily skincare regimes.

Don't worry! We've got you. 

We put our client on the correct skin health journey by helping them hit the reset button on their habits and skincare regime.

We developed a treatment plan that spoke directly to her case of acne.

We created a simple, but effective, skincare system for her to follow using quality products and supplements. The Face Tonic only use brands that are led by science to formulate their products’ ingredients. We only recommend skincare that has a proven track record of promoting skin healing for your specific skin concern.

Although our client was taking supplements for her skin, she was on completely the wrong dosage. We corrected this immediately and provided the right context as to why her supplements might have been working against her prior to arriving at the clinic.

Our clients usually arrive at the clinic without an understanding of how supplements can change their skin game. We fix this by sharing the knowledge of the power of supplements and recommend a bespoke package that will help accelerate their skin healing.

Before even attempting to start the physical treatment side of the skin reset, we allowed our client’s skincare and supplements to start doing their job first. There’s no fixed time frame for a skin transformation. We are committed to the process for however long it takes.

Our client went on to have an intensive course of weekly facials using different methods to get the best results. No one facial is the same, which is what makes our treatments and approaches unique. Gentle chemical peels and exfoliation using quality skincare products sent the acne packing.

Three years down the line and our client still comes to us for regular check-ins and treatments. Her skin is still acne free and she’s unlocked her inner glow.

These are the things you can start addressing RIGHT NOW to help your acne.

Red Flags for breakouts 

01 Not getting enough sleep

02 Drying your face with a towel

03 Drinking caffine on an empty stomach

You might not have considered these, but they are such simple fixes....and completely FREE. 

01 Sleep is sooo important for your skin (and health) if you can get to bed at 10pm you'll reap the rewards on your skin.

02 Just...eugh! Absolutely NO towels anywhere near your skin please. Dry your skin with your toner.

03 Caffine and the gut are just not a vibe. The gut and skin are twins. If you see it on your skin, its coming from your gut. If you need your caffeine hit, that's okay, just be careful not to do on an empty stomach.

Skin is often being triggered by the simplest of things, once you figure it out, you can start to heal your skin, and quick.

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Want our help to fix your skin issue?

You can get in touch with your skin coach today to discuss everything and to hit the reset button on your skin. Plus the £50 you spend on your session is redeemable on all our skincare and supplements. 

Thanks for reading xx

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