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Unlocking Glass Skin - The Face Tonic’s Comprehensive Guide – Part One

Unlocking Glass Skin - The Face Tonic’s Comprehensive Guide – Part One

It all starts with finding a skin clinic that fits with your needs, shares your values and delivers impeccable luxury treatments…that work!

But what does that look like?

With skin clinics, treatment centres, beauty pop-ups and aesthetics practices flooding your Instagram feed daily, its sometimes impossible to spot the authentic ones.

They all look SO good and claim to fix your skin problems with a 100% success rate.

The treatments, the location, the products and the clients’ results all look amazing, but is it real?

I founded The Face Tonic to change the facials game in the skin industry.

There are so many clinics selling overpriced treatments and products that are quite simply ineffective.

Not to mention, disappointing!

Have you ever walked away from a treatment feeling completely underwhelmed after spending a large chunk of your hard earned cash. Then to look in the mirror when you get home to see a dull complexion staring back at you that looks bright red and feels uncomfortably tight.

The complete opposite to what you were promised!

The day I cured a client’s acne was the moment I knew that The Face Tonic was more than just another beauty clinic that delivered average treatments.

I had created a safe space that people could visit to experience high-end, luxury facials while achieving their skin goals after years of suffering with skin complaints or negative feelings about their complexion.

Why offer a facial that’s going to do absolutely nothing for someone’s skin?

I have designed facials that actually do more for people’s skin. A facial that makes you feel fantastic, but actually addresses your skin concerns.

Have you been to a clinic that sells you a facial before actually getting to know YOUR skin? Enough said.

When people come to me with a skin complaint that’s having a huge impact on their confidence, I have the belief that my treatments are going to make a difference because I’ve designed them to have maximum impact.

The skin game should have an entirely personalised approach. My therapists take the time to get to know our clients and their skin history in depth before even suggesting a treatment plan and skincare regime.

This connection and personalisation are key to long-term skin success.

Our clients and their skin journeys are the foundation of The Face Tonic. That’s why I do my job for a living.

Social media will have you believing that the secret to unlocking your ‘glow’ is through costly trending skincare products and methods.

Wrong! This is damaging, bank account draining click bait.

The key to unlocking healthy and glowing ‘glass skin’ is actually quite simple.

You need to win your skin health back first.

Keep your eyes peeled - Part 2 to unlocking your ‘Glass Skin’ incoming.

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