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Part 2 to unlocking Glass Skin & maintaining it for life

Part 2 to unlocking Glass Skin & maintaining it for life

The perfectly packaged skincare sitting on your cabinet isn’t going to suddenly start working after weeks of no improvement with your skin.

The facial that claimed to cure your acne clearly isn’t working for you if you’re still getting spots after three months of treatment.

In order to tackle any stubborn skin complaint, you need to understand what’s going on under your skin.

You don’t need a simple skin service...

You need a full body MOT!

So a vanilla facial isn't going to cut it 🤷🏼‍♀️.

The skin concerns index is big, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Find yourself a therapist that goes the extra mile to understand your skin.

There are a few questions I always consider with every client before we start a treatment plan.

  1. Why could their skin be reacting in the first place?
  2. Are they currently using skincare that’s irritating their skin issue?
  3. Does my client have a basic, consistent skincare regime?
  4. Is my client’s skin issue being exacerbated by any environmental factors?
  5. Does my client wear a quality SPF and follow sun-safe practices?
  6. Is my client receiving treatment at another clinic?
  7. Is my client’s health affecting their skin?

This is just a brief snapshot into the holistic approach we offer at The Face Tonic.

When we understand the nitty gritty, we can build a package that’s going to kickstart a skin reset for our clients.

We take all the skin knowledge and design a bespoke treatment plan that covers all the bases.

A personalised skincare package, quality supplements, the correct treatments and regular check-ins are all needed to kick-start your skin reset.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

The secret to unlocking your ‘glass skin’ glow and maintaining it long-term requires returning to the basics and addressing your overall health alongside having regular luxury treatments and check in’s with your therapist.

Facials enhance your glow; skin health IS the glow.

You need both to be getting the best results!

Need help unlocking your glass skin? Get in touch now.

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